Firstly, in ensuring a very good balanced approach to business dealings with our clients, Sunlife Travels will create a separate account in our computer reservations system to cater solely for the business concerns-travel requests and bookings of our clients. Secondly, one of our most skilled and experienced technical staff will be assigned to handle all travel requests of our clients. In the same vein, all ticketing requests and bookings shall be submitted and or referred to our clients for final consideration and approval before such tickets could be issued. Often, this communication and submission take the form of email, telephone, courier delivery and or fax. It is worth noting that; Sunlife Travels would ensure competitively priced fare quotations to our clients without however, compromising the travel comfort of your staff members. We   propose to develop a database to gather information on client’s details such as seat   preferences, meals, frequent flier numbers and the rest. We hold ticket stock of all the major carriers operating in Ghana. These  include tickets from  (BA ,  KL,  LH,   SA,  GH,  VU,  B3,  ET,   KQ,  EK, SO).

We will generate travel information and pamphlets on the current issues in the travel industry in Ghana and globally. These always contain emergency numbers that clients can reach at all times when in need.  Tickets would be issued upon receipt of a Travel authorization duly signed by an authorised signatory or an E-mail or fax from an authorised staff.

We offer attractive discounts on various carriers depending on the type of ticket purchased, whether we have mixed carriers or partner carriers or flights are solely on one carrier. Every effort will be made to offer best value fares on all carriers. Information about special market (Low) fares will be made available as and when the airlines introduce them to our market. We would inform your office through E-mails and bulletins as soon as such developments occur.